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Being accused of a crime one didn’t commit is a terrible thing to go through personally and poses grave legal consequences. There’s also people who make mistakes, but then have to deal with the possibility of a prosecutor looking to “throw the book at them”, so to speak. The accused are faced with the loss of their reputation, the marring of their record and sometimes their very freedom. They need a Springfield criminal defense attorney who won’t back down and who will fight on their behalf.

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Whether they are facing felony charges or misdemeanor offenses, defendants might feel prejudged by those around them. The community, neighbors–even their own family and friends–might presume the worst. The good news is this–the American justice system cannot. Our system was structured to favor defendants–but that ideal can only become reality when there is a defense attorney ready to be an aggressive advocate for their client.

Every defendant is to be presumed innocent per the United States Constitution. That means the burden of proof in a criminal case lies squarely with the prosecutor. Furthermore, that proof must be beyond a reasonable doubt.

What does that mean? In a criminal trial, it means jurors can’t be just 51 percent sure a defendant did the illegal act with which they are charged. Jurors have to be completely convinced there is no other plausible explanation for the crime. The defense lawyer who supplies even a single credible alternative scenario–and reminds jurors of their constitutional obligations–can secure acquittal for their client.

Furthermore, conviction of a criminal offense requires a unanimous vote of all 12 jurors. Each lawyer participates in the selection of the jury. An experienced Springfield, MO criminal defense lawyer understands how to use voir dire–the jury selection process–to seat the kind of jury that will be sympathetic to the arguments the defense plans to make.

There are cases where the evidence against a defendant appears strong. A skilled attorney can advise the defendant if this is a place to plea bargain–to accept guilt in exchange for a lesser charge and lighter sentence. The decision to plea bargain is a big one and it’s important the defendant know that their lawyer believes in them and has their best interests at heart.

The American system promises every defendant a fair trial? But what does fair truly mean? At Scott G. Taylor Attorney at Law, we take it to mean that every defendant who comes through our doors–regardless of what they may or may not have done–deserves an attorney who vigorously fights for them, assumes the best in them, and goes all-out to get the best possible outcome based on the evidence.

Defending Minors in Missouri's Juvenile Justice System

Difficulties in family law can also come when a minor runs into legal difficulties. The state of Missouri recently acted to ensure that 17-year-olds will be treated as juveniles, rather than adults. Anyone that age or younger needs a lawyer familiar with the juvenile court system. No one wants to see a child’s future ruined over what can be a youthful indiscretion. We’ll fight for fairness and justice.

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